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Our business is plastic manufacturing, and we cut, grind, and sand the products. Sweeping the production area was necessary all the time, but most of the fine dusts seemed to just get airborne and settle elsewhere, which made it unhealthy for the workers in that air space. I saw the Big Mike video of the Warehouseman and called Tom Cullen. I was skeptical that this machine would work as described and Tom assured me he was confident that the Warehouseman would do the job properly, and that if it did not work as described, that I could return the machine, so that made me feel more comfortable about the purchase. Boy, am i happy I chose the Big Mike Warehouseman! The shop is cleaner, the air quality is better, and there is No More Sweeping! I highly recommend the Big Mike Warehouseman!

Rob Spiesz
An-Cor Plastics

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