Big Mike Vacuum Cleaner Has Made It Faster For His Staff To Clean Up – And Much More Effectively

Having spent many hours searching for a vacuum that could handle our facilities, it was clear that “Big Mike” was the answer.

We produce potting soils and mulches in a dusty and dirty environment. I chose to wait a long time for the testing to be completed at the “Underwriter Laboratories” (UL) for Big Mike, and am glad I did.

Our production team informs me “Big Mike” has made their cleanup work much faster and more effective.

Tom Cullen was extremely focused on taking care of us and ensuring our satisfaction! I highly recommend “Big Mike” Tom.

Joe Hobson
Midwest Trading Horticultural Supplies Inc.


Big Mike Warehouseman cleans the snow, salt, and road dirt off the garage floors

The Highway Plow Trucks come back to the garages covered with snow, salt, and road dirt which melts on the floors. The Big Mike Wet/Dry Warehouseman handles this task with no problems. We also use The Big Mike Vacuum to clean the sludge from our floor drains and sumps. We are very happy with the performance of our Big Mike Vacuums.

Mark Hanson
Facilities Manager
Alaska D.O.T.
Juneau, AK


The Big Mike Warehouseman keeps the floors, walls, and ceilings in tip top shape with ease.

Our airplane hangar is one of the oldest buildings on the Naval Base and needs repairs and maintenance all of the time. The Big Mike Warehouseman keeps the floors, walls, and ceilings in tip top shape with ease. With torrential rains, which occur occasionally, the roof leaks and we use The Big Mike Vacuum and the Interceptor Lid to suck up all the standing water into our own steel drums. The Big Mike Vacuum makes our job easier and safer.”

Lt. Bill Riddle
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
U.S. Naval Base



Keeping woodworking machinery and woodworking shops free of dust is an important part of wood shop and joinery shop safety.

Sweeping wood shops and joinery shops with a broom stirs up a lot of wood dust that can be hazardous to you staff.

Cleaning your wood shop or joinery shop with a Big Mike Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is not only quick and easy but it doesn’t stir up wood dust.

The Big Mike Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is powerful enough to gulp up wood shavings, saw dust and small lumps of wood.

It also has an optional selection of hand tools to clean around, within and under woodworking machinery.



The bigger the industrial vacuum cleaner, the more of a struggle it is to empty it when it’s full.

The Big Mike Industrial Vacuum Cleaners offer a range of machines and accessories to make emptying heavy waste quick, easy and above all safe.

No more putting you or your staff at risk with heavy lifting.



The Big Mike Industrial Vacuum Cleaners have a number of models that will cope with all the wet waste you’ll need to clean up.

The Big Mikes will cope with water, oil and sludges with ease, even those containing lumps and other solids.

Liquid waste is also extremely heavy – the Big Mikes also give you a number of different ways of emptying wet loads safely and easily, without making your staff lift heavy loads.

If you need to recover liquids for pumping out into your own vessels, the Big Mikes also let you pump out liquids with control into your own containers. Ideal for recovering liquids that mustn’t be spilled or go down drains.



Wet Floors

Big Brute Wet & Dry cleaning wet floorsThe Big Mike Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners make cleaning up wet, mucky floors quick and easy.

Water and mud are quickly sucked up from floors, leaving them clean and barely damp.

The optional Wet Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit makes is easy to clean up floors after sluicing them down.

Gullies and Drains

Clean out gullies and drains with the Big Brute Wet & Dry

Cleaning out gullies and drains is quick, easy and doesn’t make a mess with the Big Mike Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

Quick and Safe to Empty

Big Brute Wet & Dry Discharge Outlet for rapid emptyingThe Big Mike Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are safe and easy to empty, even when full. Empty liquid wastes through the discharge outlet at the bottom of the drum.

Or to empty heavy residual debris, the Big Mike Skip Tip Trolley makes is easy and safe to empty into your high-sided skips using your forklift.



Cleaning waste oil or coolants from CNC, milling and production machines always used to be a messy business. Not with the Big Mike Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.



The Big Mike Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are ideal for agricultural cleaning on farms and in animal feed stores and animal feed mills.

Their long hoses and powerful suction let you clean down in the deepest of pits or high up in the elevators with ease without having to drag your vacuum cleaner round with you.


An-Cor Plastics – Rob Spiesz

Our business is plastic manufacturing, and we cut, grind, and sand the products. Sweeping the production area was necessary all the time, but most of the fine dusts seemed to just get airborne and settle elsewhere, which made it unhealthy for the workers in that air space. I saw the Big Mike video of the Warehouseman and called Tom Cullen. I was skeptical that this machine would work as described and Tom assured me he was confident that the Warehouseman would do the job properly, and that if it did not work as described, that I could return the machine, so that made me feel more comfortable about the purchase. Boy, am i happy I chose the Big Mike Warehouseman! The shop is cleaner, the air quality is better, and there is No More Sweeping! I highly recommend the Big Mike Warehouseman!

Rob Spiesz
An-Cor Plastics