No, but the 220 volt model runs on 11 amps instead of 18 amps saving you electricity and money.

The power supply cord comes standard at 30 feet.

The collection drum must be steel (plastic drums or tubs will collapse under the vacuum pressure) and can be 10 gallon to 95 gallon capacity. The top rim of the drum MUST be in good condition and capable of holding vacuum pressure.

Yes! The Interceptor lid is universal for both solids and liquids.

That depends on the material being collected. Dry grain, warehouse dust and dirt, or any light materials, and using the 100′ hose is no issue. However, if you are cleaning up steel shot, heavy metal chips, etc., you must keep the intake hose run as short as possible for best results.

Actually, just the opposite. The Big Mike Vacuum will “Lift” four times more weight of material vertically than horizontally. A horizontal “Pull” allows gravity to come into play, and material can drop out of the air stream and lay in the hose. Make sure to keep the extra hose off the ground for best results.

Usually 6 months to 1 year. It is important to thoroughly clean the filter each time you empty the drum, that will extend the life of the filter. We do recommend having a spare filter available for each vacuum.

The Big Mike HEPA Vacuums have certified HEPA filters so you will be in OSHA Compliance. vacuum.

Yes, all of the motors, switches, and wiring components are made in Tennessee and Underwriters Laboratory Certified for the U.S. Market.

We have an extensive inventory of Big Mike vacuums and accessories in our warehouse. In stock items ship in 3 to 5 business days.


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