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The Big Mike Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner has been designed and built to put up with life in industry, engineering and farming.

The Big Mike Popular has tremendous suction power which means you can attach very long suction hoses without losing suction. Clean the furthest reaches of your grain store, warehouse or production workshop without having to drag your vacuum cleaner around with you.

Its wider hoses are ideal for cleaning bukly material without blocking. You won’t have to stop so often to unblock the hoses meaning you can clean up more quickly.

It has a bigger drum so you can clean for longer without having to stop and empty it so often.

Its double filters cope with fine dusts meaning you won’t have to stop so often to clean them.

And its many emptying options mean there are fewer health and safety issues with emptying the Big Mikes – even when full of heavy waste.

Clean up quicker – clean up more safely – clean up with the Big Mike Popular.


120V Suck Only, 120V Suck & Blow, 240V Suck Only, 240V Suck & Blow

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