Suck & Dump Dry Flat Base


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  • The model pictured includes the optional front floor sweep
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The Big Mike Suck & Dump Dry Flat Base is the entry-level bottom-discharge Big Mike.

Suck up waste with the Big Mike’s powerful suction and big, long, wide hoses into its enormous collecting drum.

When it’s time to empty, use your forklift to move the Big Mike Suck & Dump to your discharge point and raise it up over your high-sided dumpsters.

Use the quick-release flap in the base to quickly empty waste straight into your dumpters without mess and without putting your staff at risk from heavy lifting.

It’s the entry-level bottom-emptying Big Mike ideal for use where cross-contamination between waste isn’t an issue.


120V Suck Only, 120V Suck & Blow, 240V Suck Only, 240V Suck & Blow, SuperGlide Cart 120V, SuperGlide Cart 240V

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