• Clean large floor areas quickly and easily
  • Doesn’t stir up dust into the air
  • Leaves floors really clean – no gritty feeling underfoot
  • Large floor brush sweeps through dust and dirt

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The Big Mike Warehouseman is an industrial vacuum cleaner that makes it quick and easy to clean large floor areas.

Forklift wheels grind up dirt and debris in to very fine dusts. As this dust get stirred up, it can get everywhere – onto your stock stored on racking, onto your equipment and even your staff. But sweeping floors with a broom takes forever and stirs up even more dust into the air. It’s a backbreaking job with little reward.

The Big Mike Warehouseman makes it quick and easy to clean all that fine dust from your floors, making your warehouses cleaner, safer and more pleasant to work in.

The 28″ front-mounted floor brush sweeps and sucks as you push the Big Mike Warehouseman along, capturing all that fine dust from your floors without stirring it up into the air.

It’s easy to push along at walking pace on its four-wheeled trolley with “easy-push, no strain” handles.

The Extra Large Filter inside lets you clean for longer without having to stop and shake the filters so often – so you can clean up quicker.

Keep on top of your warehouse air quality and hygiene and keep the place clean.

Get that fine ground dust from the floor. Remove all this easily, quickly, and very affectively without stirring up clouds of dust and incurring high labour costs. Clean the racking and even the roof and gutters.

The Big Mike Warehouseman vacuum cleaner with its 28 “wide floating floor brush tackles these job with easy and amazing efficiency and the staff will even enjoy doing this work. The Big Mike Warehouseman is so easy to use that it will transform the look and the dust free atmosphere of your warehouse.

The Big Mike Warehouseman is powered of a standard 120V or 240V plug. It can even suck up all that fine dust from your floors directly into a large disposable plastic bag, so no dust escapes when emptying.

The different result between a Big Mike Warehouseman compared with a broom or a mechanical sweeper is amazing.

Clean your floors with a broom or a mechanical sweeper and then just wipe the palm of your hand over the floor – your palm will be covered in dust. Do the same with the Big Mike Warehouseman and your palm will be spotlessly clean, every time.


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