Schaeffer Industries – Richard Kilgore

We manufacture Ceramic and Glass products, and the products, and the production area of our facility is very dusty all the time, requiring almost constant cleaning, and we were always sweeping. OSHA came in to test our air quality and we failed the PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit) for airborne dusts miserably. We called Tom at Big Mike USA, and he recommended the Big Mike Warehouseman. With our new Warehouseman, we do all of our floor and spot cleaning with the Big Mike, and have eliminated any sweeping. OSHA came to re-test our IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and our PPM’s were well below the OSHA standard, and our PEL’s were fine as well. I am very happy that with the help of the Big Mike Warehouseman our employees have a safer work environment and OSHA is satisfied. Thanks Tom and Big Mike!

Richard Kilgore
Schaeffer Industries

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