Our business is plastic manufacturing, and we cut, grind, and sand the products. Sweeping the production area was necessary all the time, but most of the fine dusts seemed to just get airborne and settle elsewhere, which made it unhealthy for the workers in that air space. I saw the Big Mike video of the Warehouseman and called Tom Cullen. I was skeptical that this machine would work as described and Tom assured me he was confident that the Warehouseman would do the job properly, and that if it did not work as described, that I could return the machine, so that made me feel more comfortable about the purchase. Boy, am i happy I chose the Big Mike Warehouseman! The shop is cleaner, the air quality is better, and there is No More Sweeping! I highly recommend the Big Mike Warehouseman!
Rob Spiesz
An-Cor Plastics


Our airplane hangar is one of the oldest buildings on the Naval Base and needs repairs and maintenance all of the time. The Big Mike Warehouseman keeps the floors, walls, and ceilings in tip top shape with ease. With torrential rains, which occur occasionally, the roof leaks and we use The Big Mike Vacuum and the Interceptor Lid to suck up all the standing water into our own steel drums. The Big Mike Vacuum makes our job easier and safer.”

Lt. Bill Riddle
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
U.S. Naval Base


The Highway Plow Trucks come back to the garages covered with snow, salt, and road dirt which melts on the floors. The Big Mike Wet/Dry Warehouseman handles this task with no problems. We also use The Big Mike Vacuum to clean the sludge from our floor drains and sumps. We are very happy with the performance of our Big Mike Vacuums.

Mark Hanson
Facilities Manager
Alaska D.O.T.
Juneau, AK

May 17, 2022



Having spent many hours searching for a vacuum that could handle our facilities, it was clear that “Big Mike” was the answer.

We produce potting soils and mulches in a dusty and dirty environment. I chose to wait a long time for the testing to be completed at the “Underwriter Laboratories” (UL) for Big Mike, and am glad I did.

Our production team informs me “Big Mike” has made their cleanup work much faster and more effective.

Tom Cullen was extremely focused on taking care of us and ensuring our satisfaction! I highly recommend “Big Mike” and Tom.

Joe Hobson
Midwest Trading Horticultural Supplies Inc.

May 17, 2022


We service underground gas and electric utility lines, junction housings and tunnels. Often times we find ground water, sand, gravel and other debris in the areas where we need to do repair work. Our Big Mike Vacuum picks up a gallon of water and sediments a second, making our job faster and safer.  The crew let The Big Mike fall off the back of the truck one day, and snapped off the three speed motor control switch! Tom Cullen sent us a new speed control to get the unit up and running again, and Did Not Charge Us For The Control!  That kind of customer 
service is Rare Nowadays! We are very satisfied with how our Big Mike Vacuum performs for us in the field, and very happy with the customer service Tom has 

Earl Beck
Field Project Supervisor
Southern Air Corp.
Bluefield  WV

May 18, 2022


We work with Amisteel LG-40, 40 grit blast media and it gets all over this facility. We used to sweep and shovel the material into buckets and get on a ladder and dump it back into the hopper for re-use. Then we learned about The Big Mike Suck and Dump Cone Base Industrial Vacuum. Tom sent us one for an in house facility trial to be sure it was right for our needs, and it works great! It picks up the grit blast quickly without raising any dust, and we mounted The Big Mike over our hopper, so we just vacuum up the material and dump it out the cone base of the drum into our hopper! We do not handle the material at all anymore! I highly advise you to get this vacuum if your application is like ours, it made a huge difference for us at Flowco. 

Earl Beck
Field Project Supervisor
Flowco Solution.
Bluefield  WV

Oct 9, 2022


I manage a 30,000 square foot food warehouse, which must be clean because we are storing food products. I have used many approaches over the years to keep up with the cleaning chores, but The Big Mike Suck and Dump with the 28” front floor sweep is the best machine I have ever used. The front sweep cleans the concrete floors so well that it sucks the forklift tire dust off of the face of the concrete, and the hand tool kit and extra hoses make my spot cleaning fast and easy. With the Cone Dump feature on the Big Mike collection drum, I no longer even physically handle the materials that I collect, the machine does all the work and I simply lift the Big Mike with my forklift and dump the materials in the dumpster. I highly recommend The Big Mike Suck and Dump Dry Industrial Vacuum and accessories. Ted, Warehouse Manager Robin Hood Storage Swanton, VT. 

Earl Beck
Field Project Supervisor
Bluefield  WV

October 13, 2022


AN-COR PLASTICS May 17, 2022

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