I am so glad that we decided to purchase the Big Mike Warehouseman from Tom. As a fertilizer manufacturer, dust control is a major priority for product quality and employee safety reasons. First, Tom was wonderful to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the products and helped us choose the vacuum that would best fit our needs. The Big Mike Warehouseman was packaged extremely well and arrived in perfect condition. After unpacking the warehouseman the assembly took about 10 minutes. It was clear this machine was designed to be a workhorse.  Once ready to use I was astounded at how quiet this vacuum is. Then began the work, and in no time it was clear we had made the right decision. This vacuum was a breeze to push through the warehouse and easy to maneuver around corners and pallets.  Using the floor-sweeper attachment, even the finest of dust particles were sucked up.  Best part is, there was no dust that escaped into the air, everything was confined inside the vacuum.  I can’t say enough positive things about the quality and efficiency of this machine. By far the best purchase we have made when it comes to keeping our facility clean and dust free.  Not to mention the safety aspect and increase in morale for our employees.

Brandon Benefield


We manufacture Ceramic and Glass products, and the products, and the production area of our facility is very dusty all the time, requiring almost constant cleaning, and we were always sweeping. OSHA came in to test our air quality and we failed the PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit) for airborne dusts miserably. We called Tom at Big Mike USA, and he recommended the Big Mike Warehouseman. With our new Warehouseman, we do all of our floor and spot cleaning with the Big Mike, and have eliminated any sweeping. OSHA came to re-test our IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and our PPM’s were well below the OSHA standard, and our PEL’s were fine as well. I am very happy that with the help of the Big Mike Warehouseman our employees have a safer work environment and OSHA is satisfied. Thanks Tom and Big Mike!
Richard Kilgore
Schaeffer Industries


We run a grain milling company and the process makes a huge amount of dust and debris. We have our Big Mike Warehouseman up and running now, and this machine is very powerful! We have to be careful because it will suck up some of the broken concrete in the old section of the warehouse, I swear this machine will suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch! With The Big Mike Warehouseman, it takes less people, time and effort to handle our weekly clean up chores. Tom knew just which machine and accessories we needed to do our work, and I’m very happy with my Big Mike purchase.

Kim Wammock

Wammock Milling Company

Sylvania, Georgia


I run a 30,000 square foot food warehouse which must be kept very clean because we store food products.  I have tried many different methods of sweeping, dusting, etc  over the years to keep up with the necessary cleaning chores, but The Big Mike Suck and Dump Cone Base Vacuum with the 28” front floor sweep is the best machine I have used to date. The front  sweep cleans the floors so well that is sucks the black dust from the forklift tires right off of the face of the concrete, and the hand tool kit handles my spot cleaning chores quicker and easier than anything else I’ve tried. With the bottom dump feature on my Big Mike, I no longer physically handle the collected materials that I collect, I just pick up the whole machine and dump the contents of the drum in the dumpster! The machine does all the work! The Big Mike Vacuum handles my clean up chores faster and easier, and I highly recommend The Big Mike Vacuum and accessories.


Warehouse Manager

Robin Hood Food Storage Warehouse

Swanton, VT

May 17, 2022

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